Erdem Ercan

Erdem Ercan

Professional speaker, coach, educator and entrepreneur

Born in 1972, Adapazari, Erdem Ercan was the child of two parent teachers. He studied at the Kocaeli Anatolian highschool and later at ODTU where he finished his studies as a business manager. After finishing university he started working with big companies like TEBA, Anadolu Efes, Gilan Mucevherat  as a professional and reached a coördinating position during his career.

To innovate the food-service industry he founded a company named "Dymra".

Futhermore Erdem Ercan decided to improve several other subjects like coaching, education, consulting and speaking. He graduated at one of the finest training schools named Adler Coaching school.

A second company named "The Rhytm Of Life" was founded after his training and he continued working as an entrepreneur, team-coach, educator, professional speaker and consultant.

"Emotional Intelligence", "Micro-expressions", "body language", "team coach": these are the columns of his professional career that have made him an expert in his branch.