Nagihan Bostancı

Nagihan Bostancı

Professor, Periodontology

Prof. Nagihan Bostanci has received his PhD in Periodontology from University of London. Currently she is working as Professor in Karolinska Institutet.

Research Interest

Periodontology, Periodontal Research, Oral Biology,

Nagihan Bostanci is Professor at the Division of Periodontology, Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. She is also program Director for the postgraduate course “Masters course in Dentistry/Dental Prevention”. She is President Elect of Periodontal Research Group of  the IADR. Prof. Bostanci´s research expertise is in the inflammatory pathogenesis of periodontal diseases. More clinically oriented research activity is focusing on screening for biomarkers of oral and systemic diseases. Her lecture will highlight associations between oral and systemic conditions. Particular focus will be placed in periodontal inflammation and how this impacts the systemic inflammatory burden. Molecular factors that may mediate this connection will be highlighted and how the expanding biological information can be incorporated into clinical practice, particularly for diagnostic purposes will be discussed. Examples of current applications and on-going research projects in this direction will be given.



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Selected literature:

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